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Your job application

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As mentioned in a previous post I received 100’s of applications for a recent position that I advertised.  I am sad to say that the majority of these applications were impossible to consider due to the lack of information that the applicant provided when applying for the position.  I am sure that these applicants could […]

It has been some time

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My apologies for not having posted for quite a while.  I have been inundated with emails and job requests that I simply had to prioritize.  This has changed.  At last I realized through my contacts and friends that this blog needs the same attention as the other priorities in my work.  I have also seen […]

Taking it a step further

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We are living in times where the internet is taking over what we used to do some time ago.  Take job hunting for instance. Today when we search for a new position or we are first time job seekers we turn to the internet and all the recruitment websites available.  There are so many sites […]

2016 and a career change

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All the best for blog readers for 2016.  May this be the year where you achieve great success in your current position and just move from strength to strength.  For those of you that will be looking for that ideal new position I would like to wish you all the best.  remember that job seeking […]

Adding responsibilities in your CV

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A common mistake candidates make is to not take care and pay special attention to the section in the CV where you list your current responsibilities.  Many simply take their job description applicable to their current and previous positions and do a copy and paste exercise.  When an experienced recruiter reads this information it is […]

Your CV overview

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I started off in an earlier post indicating what I believe to be an essential starting section of any CV.  By allowing the recruiter to view your personal details at a glance it makes it easier for him/her to get an overview with whom they are dealing with.  Let me provide you with an overview […]

Focus on acquiring knowledge and skills

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While considering the next part of dealing with a CV and what is required I thought I would just spend some time on you and your current job. So often we are considering new positions to enhance our careers without taking the time and making an effort to grow in our current jobs.  It amazes […]

CV and contents : PERSONAL DETAILS

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Very often I struggle to establish just who the candidate is that I am dealing with.  I find it difficult to see who I am considering for the position due to the lack of information provided.  In my opinion the first section of a CV should be dealing with personal details.  This information is critical […]

Applying for a position

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When applying for a position the only picture you can present to the recruiter or employer advertising the vacancy is your CV.  This will tell them who you are and what qualifies you to be considered for the position.  It needs to cover relevant information and paint a pretty clear picture of who you are, […]

Do I apply for a job?

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Having read the job advertisement you as a job seeker are ready to make a decision on whether to apply for the position available or not.  Just remember this should not be an emotional decision but a rational well thought through decision on your part.  You need to ask yourself, “Do I really qualify to […]